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posted Oct 2, 2011, 6:29 AM by Ravi Ramakantan
This is particular of interest to all those physicians who like to share their moments of stress and conflict, anxiety and concerns as they manage 'difficult' patients from day to day. 
How do we handle that stress of something gone wrong?.. of having to take decisions for the patient, where there have been genuine errors of judgment or action .. after all even doctors o are human. 
These and other issues have been addressed in this article 
Please also take time to read the comments on this article. 
We are planning to publish "Doctor Narratives" along these lines in print form, These will be first person accounts similar to what is being discussed in thus article. 
Dr. Amar Jesani,, Editor of the Indian J of Med Ethics has kindly agreed to publish a series of such articles if they are suitably written and muster peer review. 
If you are inclined to write, please let me know of you willingness here or by e mail to 
Ravi Ramakantan.